Canby Black Walnut Full Wall Hugger Futon Frame from Strata Furniture


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Canby Black Walnut Wallhugging Wooden Futon Sofa from Strata Furniture. 

The Canby Futon Frame by Strata Furniture is a part of the Coach Collection which offers outstanding quality at a modest price due to their design being adapted for shipping via FedEx Ground. Constructed of solid hardwood, Malaysian Rubberwood, this versatile frame fits perfectly in many decors. The sleek vertical lines and stylishly tapered legs hearken to a time when all furniture was rugged and functional. The beautiful Black Walnut finish of the Canby Futon Frame is the perfect choice for rooms that need a natural feel and inviting color. The frames’ high quality craftsmanship, sturdy construction, and hidden hardware add to the exceptional superiority of our product.

This frame is a truly wall hugger, its unique design allows you to convert it to a bed without moving the frame away from the wall. Another name is zero tolerance futon. Strata Furniture is the only futon frame company that makes a true wall-hugger zero tolerance futon. This is because its design allows the base to stay stationary while the back and seat extend outward. Unlike other futon frames, wall hugger frames are engineered to sit lower, allowing for thicker futon mattresses that are being utilized today. This is by far, the easiest futon frame to operate.

Definitely not the clunky old futon you remember from your college days, the Strata Canby Black Walnut Full Frame features a unique, wall hugger mechanism that allows you to convert it from a sofa to a bed – without pulling it away from the wall. This design saves both your back and your walls, for headache-free use. Built from solid rubberwood, this futon is sturdy and durable, with a beautiful open style that will enhance any modern decor. Just add your favorite futon mattress (not included) and you’re ready to enjoy convenient comfort!


  • Wall hugger Futon. Convert your futon without having to move away from wall
  • Front Operation. Easy conversion with any type of futon mattress
  • Luxury Grade Futon. Enjoy upscale furniture with futon functionality
  • Fine Craftsmanship. Superb quality makes this futon a sound investment
  • Thicker Stretcher Rails. Gives you a more robust futon for heavier use
  • Requires Assembly (KD). Everything is guaranteed to line up & fit together
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty. Manufacturer’s commitment to quality and workmanship

Available Colors/Finishes

  • Warm Cherry
  • Black Walnut
  • About Strata Furniture
    Strata Furniture

    Determined to deliver furniture with both form and function in its design, Strata Furniture specializes in futons that deliver more than the limited, low-end futon styles. With the look of conventional furniture and the versatility of a futon, Strata’s product line features a front-loading wall hugger mechanism that allows you to convert the frame from sofa to bed without lugging a heavy frame away from the wall. Strata’s products are built to rigid standards, with quality control standards in place to ensure their furniture is built to last, giving you value and convenience as well as style.

Weight 27 lbs


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